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Also called the World Wide Web, the Internet is a space where anyone can access information and create content without any restrictions, and it doesn’t matter where they are located.  While it is a fantastic ideal, there are certain parts of the world where it is far from the truth. With Tuxler, you can buy VPN access so you can freely access the web.

This type of freedom can be taken for granted by many people — that is, until it disappears.  Web browsing in another part of the world may be different than what you may experience in your neck of the woods. You may have to deal with certain geographical restrictions, and it could hinder your ability to freely access the web. Our network of users can give you full access to the Internet through the use of VPN technology.

How to Buy VPN Access

VPN’s and proxies are different, even though they are two sides of the same coin.  A proxy server can act as a middleman for web access.  You may need to access data from a certain area of the web, and a proxy server will let you access the information you need through the use of an ISP or other network.  That way, you can access the web no matter where you are.

VPN servers can create a secure tunnel through which data can travel, and it can protect your privacy while you’re surfing the web.  It will make it seem as if you’re accessing information from a different location — someplace other than where you are currently.

While the concept of free and secure web access is a wonderful idea, not every part of the world holds to that ideal. When you buy VPN access, the idea of a completely free World Wide Web is a reality, and the solutions we offer can give you the privacy and security you’re looking for.

By using our VPN solutions, you will be able to have a secure Internet connection that is free from any restrictions.  You gain some serious benefits when you buy VPN access with us. Here is a breakdown of how our technology can work to your benefit.

“Local Access”

Creating a network of users who are willing to use and share web locations can help you access the web as if you were in your own backyard.  With VPN technology, you can access the web as if you were doing it from another location. This has a number of different benefits, which can include, but may not be limited to:

  • Convenience — Whether it’s for a business or a personal project, you will be able to access the web as if you were at home instead of from somewhere else.
  • Full access — With VPN technology, you will be able to freely access the web without worrying about geographical restrictions or someone else tracking your activities. You should never have to worry about these restrictions, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. When you buy VPN access, you will have this freedom.
  • Target Market — Being a freelancer or publisher requires access to your target market, and having access to international parts of the web can help your business.

Privacy and Security

Security is an important part of being on the web, but remaining anonymous is a concern for some.  Without any standards that protect personal information and private data, there would be no such thing as online safety.  Web fraud and other cyber-crimes are an important concern, and we always that it into consideration. Using a VPN server can benefit you in several ways. Some of these include:

  • Data Encryption — Everyone has a comfort level when it comes to sharing information and data, and Tuxler can give you the security you need to create a safe web-browsing experience.
  • Anonymity — Everyone has a different tolerance level when it comes to revealing their activities on the web, and there are some people who don’t want someone else tracking them. The amount of of people who access the web makes it easy to achieve this level of anonymity. Everyone has the right to reveal as much as they feel comfortable without having to worry about investigation or discovery.
  • IP Shifting — With VPN technology, you can remain anonymous by using a different IP addresses — one that is attached to another location. With this type of setup, you can cover your tracks on the web.

Knowing how your content is being received internationally is an important part of analyzing traffic, and having unrestricted access no matter where you are can give you access to this information. This can be done in a few different ways:

  • Visibility — Your business may depend on traffic coming in from advertisements on other sites. You need unrestricted access to the web so you can analyze the success of your campaigns. Advertisers need to monitor how their message is being communicated and digested in locations around the world.
  • Monitoring — Your business might be driven by ad space on other pages, but you may want to provide ad space on your own site. You need to determine if that space is beneficial to your own content and its consumption by the end user.
  • Performance — Some regions require different communication strategies. You can gain international exposure by analyzing different messages and how they’re converting. You can also see how they are performing as it relates to a specific area and culture.
Buy VPN Access Through Tuxler

Tuxler has a team of people who can create a powerful tool to help you or your business get the level of security you need.  If you have ever been concerned with your privacy and security, we have solutions that can help you regardless of your needs. Whether you want to bypass geographical restriction, or are just concerned about privacy, we can help you find the solution that’s right for you.

If you want to buy VPN access that will meet your needs and fit your budget, get in touch with us today!

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  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Secure Connections
  • 500 Daily Location Changes
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  • Access to All Locations
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